Dear readers and listeners,

I am excited to announce that The Fried Egg will be launching a membership at the start of 2023. We’re calling it Club TFE, for now.

It has been a delight to produce newsletters, podcasts, and videos for the past seven years. Thanks to your support, The Fried Egg has grown from a lonely solo operation to a staff of six talented creators. By launching Club TFE, we are taking the next step in our effort to stay independent and provide the highest-quality golf coverage we can.

To be 100% clear, we’re not changing anything about our normal offerings. Our two podcasts will remain free and on their established schedules. Our newsletter will still go out three days a week. And we’ll continue to build our YouTube page.

We are just producing more content, if you want it.

If you sign up for Club TFE, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Every week, a new golf course review and rating (that’s right, we’re going to start rating courses now; wish us luck)
  • The Club TFE blog, with a lively comment section for members and posts ranging from quick jokes to fleshed-out essays
  • A monthly interactive video hangout with TFE staff
  • A monthly golf architecture-themed video
  • Early access to all TFE events
  • 10% off the TFE pro shop
  • An annual member gift
  • A Club TFE membership is available to anyone for $120 per year.

This is what we are committing to from day one, with the goal of providing more as the membership grows and evolves. We have two main goals with Club TFE: 1) to bring our community closer together and 2) to elevate everything we do. What we learn and gain from this membership will be invested directly back into our company. That’s why we believe Club TFE will improve The Fried Egg as a whole. It will align the interests of our team with those of our readers and listeners. We’ll be able to see more courses, go to more events, and spend more time doing what we love most: creating more and better content for you.

That’s where we’re headed, and we hope you’ll join us in the Club (sorry).


Andy Johnson