Here are some things Michael Block did in the first round of the Charles Schwab Challenge:

Block, the 46-year-old head golf professional at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club in Mission Viejo, California, is more skilled than he showed yesterday, but he’s not a PGA Tour-level talent. His exhilarating T-15 performance at last week’s PGA Championship was an anomaly, unlikely to be replicated on a big stage no matter how many sponsor invites he receives.

But dammit if he isn’t entertaining. Just look at that list again!

Like many watchable people, Blockie can grate. His post-shot antics often seem performative, and his self-confidence occasionally feels like self-regard. This isn’t a comment on who he actually is, just how he comes off—to me, at least.

The golf media, even the broader sports media, has worked overtime to convert Block’s everydude charisma into clicks, and he has welcomed the attention. On yesterday’s Charles Schwab Challenge telecast, announcer Smylie Kaufman said that Block had given no fewer than 30 interviews between PGA Sunday and Colonial Thursday. Thirty!

But after the ill-advised Ripper Magoo appearance on Wednesday and the 81 on Thursday, the online Block discourse turned ornery. Which is understandable, but too bad. There’s no need to hammer the guy. It would be far better, now that his golf has returned to earth, simply to move on.

Can we?

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