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Some goofy stuff that happened at last year's Masters and some praise for Nebraska's Wild Horse Golf Club


The second weekend in April isn’t quite the same this year, but we hope you can make the most of it. Today’s Fun Fact Friday comes courtesy of Justin Ray: Jack Nicklaus has the most birdies in Masters history, with 506 over his career. That seems like a lot!

On with today’s topic. The 2019 Masters Tournament was amazing, but you’ve heard and read and watched plenty of recaps by now. So for a little something different, let’s run through the funniest moments from last year’s event and a few other tidbits you may have forgotten.

2019 Masters Miscellanea

Let’s start with our absolute favorite memory. During the second round, on the 13th tee, Zach Johnson took a practice swing he will never forget. The toe of his driver clipped his ball, and the ball ricocheted off the tee marker, coming to rest five yards from its starting point. Might not sound momentous, but it’s a hell of a gif.

On Thursday, Bryson DeChambeau nearly holed his approach on 18 before tapping in and tying the first-round lead. “My terminal velocity was too high,” he said about the shot. As legions of non-scientists immediately pointed out, terminal velocity isn’t even close to the correct term for this situation.

In one of its savvier broadcast moves in recent memory, CBS cut away from J.B. Holmes as he took practice swing after practice swing on a chip. Instead of taking us to another player, however, the network went to the b-roll footage of some azaleas. Incredible.

We learned that Jason Day was blowing into balloons every night to help align his hips, ribs, and back. Balloons! Reports stated that he participated in “balloon therapy” for 30 minutes before bed. Thus the “Balloon Boy” moniker was born.

Golf’s best-dressed modern player Adam Scott showed up to Augusta in baggy, pleated pants. He pulled them off to the extent that anyone could, but there’s a reason they’ve fallen out of style. Oh, and Scotty was toying with tabletop-posture putting before Saturday’s round.

Patrick Cantlay notched one of the most improbable 64s you’ll ever see. Usually when players go low at Augusta, they do much of their damage on the gettable “three-shot” holes. Among Cantlay’s eight birdies on Saturday, only one came on a par 5. He birdied 1, 4, 6, 9, 11, 14, 15, and 17. No bogeys.

Tiger’s victory train nearly went off the rails on Friday afternoon. After hitting a shot from the trees on the 14th hole, Cat was the recipient of an accidental slide tackle from a security guard zealously endeavoring to keep the crowds back. Recap

Poor Kiradech. Everyone’s favorite “barn rat” overdid the body English a bit after a shot on 17. Ended up with a solid par, though.

We all remember Tony Finau’s gruesome mid-celebration ankle injury during the 2018 par-3 contest. The good-humored Utahn showed up to the 2019 edition in an ankle brace.

Phil Mickelson introduced us to his new obsession with “hitting bombs” on Saturday of the 2019 Masters. In a Twitter video prior to his round, Lefty detonated Matt Kuchar while detailing his weekend strategy. The strategy didn’t work out for Phil, but the jargon lives on.

The Must-Sees of Public Golf Architecture in America

Wild Horse Golf Club (Gothenburg, Nebraska)


If you’re planning a golf trip to western Nebraska, you have to include Wild Horse on your itinerary. Built by Dave Axland and Dan Proctor shortly after they finished helping Coore & Crenshaw at Sand Hills, Wild Horse epitomizes affordable, accessible, interesting golf architecture. Wonderfully contoured greens, firm turf, challenging (but not excessive) bunkering, strategy, and wind come together to create one of the purest golfing experiences in America. Holes of note include the 3rd, a classic C&C-style par 5 that turns unassuming ground into one of the best holes on property; the 8th, a long and tough 4; and 15, a short and crafty 4. Like its siblings Rustic Canyon and Commonground, Wild Horse proves that great golf course design can be affordable and accessible to all.

Insider tip: Wild Horse is the perfect introduction to golf in this part of the world. Play it on the front end of whatever trip you have planned. -Blake Conant

Photo credit: Wild Horse Golf Club

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