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The PGA Tour officially releases its new schedule, the Greenbrier is out, and we’re a bit worried about college golf


Did you know that the Sun is halfway through its lifespan? Don’t worry, though, it still has about five billion years to go. We may not have sports, but springtime and sunshine definitely boost our spirits. So thank you, Sun. Hang in there.

News and updates

  • The PGA Tour put out the details of its latest schedule update on Thursday morning. If the government gives the all-clear (a sizable “if”!), the Tour will restart at the Charles Schwab Classic on June 11. Again, this will probably change by next week. New schedule
  • As a part of the new schedule release, the PGA Tour announced that the Greenbrier is permanently out as a tournament host. Will another event become “a Military Tribute”? Only time will tell. Full Story from Will Gray

Newsletter Notes

The 800-pound pigskin in the room

If you’ve kept track of sports news during the pandemic, you’ve heard plenty of scheduling updates from various professional leagues. The NBA tried a HORSE competition, the MLB may isolate every team in Arizona, and the PGA Tour… well, they just seem confused.

Especially uncertain are the schedules of collegiate athletes in the 2020-21 academic year. Everyone seems to assume that competition will resume in the fall, but lots of details remain up in the air. Let’s get right to the point: will college football allow fans?

Often, football ticket sales subsidize other athletic programs. If that money is no longer there, colleges may have to cut funding for other sports, including golf. Already there are signs that schools are worried about their athletic department’s bottom lines. This week, St. Edwards University cut both men’s and women’s golf along with soccer and tennis, and the University of Cincinnati permanently shuttered its men’s soccer team. Those decisions were not, as far as we know, in response to potential declines in football revenue (indeed, St. Edwards does not have a football team), but we’re likely to hear more stories of this kind in the coming weeks.

So college golf is in a dicey position right now. Shortened 2020-21 seasons, one-year cutbacks, or even permanent program cancellations are on the table at many schools. Many athletes are going to be affected, and if they return to action this fall, they could use our support. If you can, head out and watch a college golf event. Let’s try to help these talented young folks make up for lost time.

The Must-Sees of Public Golf Architecture in America

Mt. Prospect Golf Club (Mount Prospect, Illinois)


For most of the public, the template holes of C.B. Macdonald and Seth Raynor are inaccessible, hidden behind the gates of private clubs. This is true of the Chicago area’s two most revered clubs, Chicago Golf and Shoreacres. So when architect David Esler was hired to renovate the municipal Mt. Prospect Golf Club in Chicago’s northern suburbs, he set out to make the Macdonald-Raynor style of design available to the masses. He built interpretations of the Redan, Eden, Road, Short, and other “ideal holes.” While Mt. Prospect is by no means perfect, it does offer a unique experience for the public golfer at a reasonable rate.

Insider tip: The 13th green is a thing of beauty. Hit a couple extra chip shots if the group behind isn’t pushing you. -Andy Johnson

Photo credit: Andy Johnson

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