A Sand Hills and Ballyneal appetizer

A preview of content to come featuring Sand Hills Golf Club and Ballyneal


This weekend was a blast, 63 holes at Sand Hills followed by a quick stop at Ballyneal. Both courses are unique and sit naturally on remarkable properties. More detailed coverage to come, but for now, what follows is a sneak peek at a few of my favorite photos (and thoughts) from each. Also check out our podcast with Sand Hills superintendent Kyle Hegland, listen here.

Sand Hills Golf Club

All 18 holes at Sand Hills where almost no dirt was moved to build

The deep fairway bunker which guards the left side of the 18th fairway at Sand Hills Golf Club

The rugged and nearly 30' deep greenside bunker at the 18th

The 281 yard par-4 7th's deep greenside bunker intimidates golfers and forces bailouts to the right

A perfect shot is required to hit the 150 yard 17th green, especially when the wind blows

Width and angles are on display at Sand Hills, the right side of the 12th yields a challenging approach

The infinity green 2nd, where it feels like you are hitting off to the edge of the earth

The massive bunker which guards the left side of the vexing 4th


The rugged "Chop Hills" where Tom Doak laid Ballyneal on top of its many humps and bumps

The massive sand dunes and bunkers that the 16th green of Ballyneal sits between

The natural perch of the 11th at Ballyneal makes the hole appear it has been there forever

The rolling 17th fairway at Ballyneal

These are without doubt, two of the greatest modern courses. They are also huge favorites at The Fried Egg, so stay tuned for in-depth looks at both.

For golf fans who want to bring home a piece of either course, we offer a collection of Ballyneal and Sand Hills photography prints shot by the Fried Egg Golf team available in our Pro Shop.