2020 Halloween golf costume ideas and Friday with Gellerman

Do you think Andy Sullivan is terrified of the murder hornet? With the golf action limited this week, this Friday episode meanders about from some quick thoughts on Bermuda, Cyprus, and Halloween. Brendan and Andy discuss the grotesque injury suffered by Brendon Todd, they marvel at some of the longshots that went low in Bermuda, and ponder the fairway kiln. Then they get to their annual golf-related Halloween costumes segment, brainstorming up some options for the Shotgunners out there. Bryson, CT machines, the Solicitor General, the Ponte Vedra posse, Spieth, and many others are bandied about as potential costume concepts. Then come edify yourself in the waters of Michael Gellerman research, which is also a reason for a U.S. Pub Links tangent. Masters Fact of the Day is a doozy from @Bamabearcat on the original Mackenzie plan for a par-73 course with a little quiz and subsequent discussion on the par-5 that never was. Also, green B. Draddy SGS quarter zips for the final men’s major of 2020 will be 20 percent off through the weekend with promo code FLIMPER — shoutout Sandy Lyle.