2021 PGA Championship Preview: Wind, Super Leagues, UFOs, and cheapskates

Andy and Brendan are together in Kiawah for their first in-person recording in almost two years. They immediately jump into some impressions from a day spent walking The Ocean Course, people-watching at the PGA, and pondering the big stories (snake impacts) of the second men’s major championship of 2021. There will be wind, and they discuss the impacts it will have even as you’re about to be hit over the head with wind talk the next five days. There’s a reading of testimony from several players on all the long irons they’re hitting during practice, a welcome development and change from the usual pro game. The other nooks and crannies from a course they’re hyped to watch are also highlighted. They relay what they’re hearing of the moving and shaking happening on the island as well, with delegates from the Super League in town and meeting with managers of several players. Favorite, and in some cases most underwhelming, tee times are nominated and discussed. Bryson’s chat on UFOs and time travel is reviewed. There’s also more intel on Dylan Fritelli’s penny-pinching ways after they’re told he’s playing with an alleged SGS listener in the first two rounds. And some one-and-done picks are made for what feels like a very open major.