A big day for BAW golf, Pine Valley maneuvers, and centerline flagpoles

This Monday episode gets back to some SGS roots, with a quick and unprepared whip around the results from the weekend in the golf world. It really, actually is a short one. They begin with the Valspar, where Sam Burns broke through for what could be the first of many wins on the PGA Tour. The dump in the cup award is back, as is the second edition of Thirstbucket of the Week. Other topics hit on are Keegan scraping it and Tringale closing in on a career achievement. Dean Burmester is mentioned and the Tenerife event is given a poor grade. The back half is a ramble on the giant flag in the center of a fairway at the new Jack Nicklaus course, as well as the general costs of giant flags. News hits on Pine Valley changing its policy to admit women members, and a potential angle for such a move. Lastly, all SGS merch will be 20 percent off through Monday night.