A Boy from Bratislava grows up to be the Silver Slovak

A triumphant Monday episode begins with some “we’ll always remember where we were” reminiscences about a legendary Saturday night and Sunday morning at the men’s Olympic golf competition. Andy and Brendan discuss all the delightful elements of the Boy from Bratislava’s record-setting round of 61 that earned the golf-loving nation of Slovakia a silver medal. They hit on the actual golf, the absolute shotmaking show, the jubilant middle-of-the-night party on Twitter, the broadcast having to acknowledge and lean into the Slovakian story, the true “love story” that delivered this country a medal, some unconfirmed reports about Sabbo’s Saturday night out, and much more. Of course, they also hit on the actual gold medal winner and the weight and import the competition seemed to carry. They recap the 7-man playoff and the other Rory’s attempt at a bronze. The glowing reviews from JT to Morikawa to the other Rory’s change in tune are also discussed, as well as their own impressions from a great late-night watch and what it might mean for Olympic golf going forward. There’s also recaps of all the other golf, including Annika’s absolute dominance at the U.S. Senior Women’s and a Western Am phenom playing the most grueling test in amateur golf in between visits to Lollapalooza.