A golf podcast about the U.S. Open (and Cody Parkey)

The 2020 U.S. Open is here and this episode is an extended preview with a couple distinguished guests, Billy Draddy, creative director at Summit Golf Brands who has a long personal history with Winged Foot, and Fried Egg Paulie, who provides his usual fantasy and gambling expertise while indulging Brendan and Andy’s idiotic picks and proposals. But first, Brendan and Andy go back and forth on the national championship. They discuss their excitement and even gratitude around it getting back up and running this week. They get into a lengthy discussion on Winged Foot, what makes it so great, what to pay attention to, what “it’s all in front of you” means, and how, if at all, it could get screwed up to the point where Zatch is moaning about something being “gone” or “lost.” Then they run through some of their favorite tee times, debating whether it’s better to start on WF’s 1st or par-3 10th and if Phil has any chance getting a late-early draw. The DJ-Bryson-Finau grouping discussion is also highlighted by some fun #JupScoop on DJ’s new boat and Bryson’s talk of putting a 48-inch Jarmo shaft in play.