A makeshift feeder tour, the Workday Open, and SGS Spotlight on Calvin Peete

This Wednesday episode begins with a few comments from Brendan and Andy on the current protests in the country, golf’s poor history with race, and how they and the podcast need to be better. Then a short news segment hits on a report that the PGA Tour is considering a makeshift feeder tour to give players on some of the lower tours like the Canadian Tour and LatinoAmerica tour some reps. Then they hit on the official announcement of the new Workday double dip at Muirfield, which leads to an odd ramble about the lost potential of a July Sawgrass event. This week’s SGS Spotlight features the life and golf of Calvin Peete, celebrating his career and discussing why we now see even fewer African Americans on Tour than the heydey of Peete some 40 years ago. The Spotlight attempts what it always attempts, and that is to re-acquaint or educate and then celebrate a bygone pro that a younger generation may have only general details on to go with a name. It discusses Peete’s incredible path to pro golf, accidentally falling in love with the game when he played it for the first time at age 23 after selling wares out of the trunk of his car to migrant workers. Peete’s legacy as the most accurate driver of all time is hailed as is his signature Players win and his peak run that edged Nicklaus for the Vardon Trophy and almost every contemporary in win rate.