A new cologuard commercial, Kapalua shines, and SGS Golf Advice

We did not have to wait long this year for some sort of recording hurdles, as Andy is forced to record on his phone in the car in a grocery store parking lot due to wifi being knocked out from the storms. Nevertheless, both Brendan and Andy are enthused and rejuvenated by the first full round of the year, which is always a delight to take in. They explain how and why Kapalua succeeds as a Tour stop, discuss Jon Rahm’s quote that it is “nothing but wedges,” appreciate the return of Zinger, and laugh at some new commercials Andy was sure to put in his notes. They also hit on leader Collin Morikawa and his expanding stable of coaches, as well as the preposterously muffled marketing around what the broadcast is now calling “designated events.” News touches on two new Masters exemptions being handed out, including to the reigning NCAA champ. They close with the new year return of SGS Golf Advice, which covers a lawnmowing vs. golf dilemma, a friend who wears Loudmouth, and having to pick up a wine tab.
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