A Norwegian once talked to me about Norway

This Wednesday episode meanders about before an event with the strongest field ever on the PGA Tour tees off in Columbus. This quickly devolves into a discussion about branded golf courses and sports team golf courses, a nice compliment to last week’s discussion of zoo golf courses. A featured groupings discussion leads to criticism of the Tour’s decision not to lean into the entertainment of conflict and put Brooks and Bryson in the same group. Fan Vote Friday Jr. returns which leads to a discussion on the whereabouts of the Swedish Pancake and a player with a name that evokes “sailor or pirate.” There’s also discussion on the benefits of Norway, per a discussion once with a Norwegian. Another Wednesday charity match is praised as Tony Finau and Jon Rahm face off against two Euro stalwarts. News focuses on a potential quarantine problem with players going from the Safeway to the U.S. Open, the overanalysis of Tiger’s return, and Marty Sleeps rising from his slumber to talk about reining in distance. This ends with a digression on American baseball stadiums.