A "Reed Day"

The new month starts down a path we’ve been before: Patrick Reed engulfed in a shady rules controversy of his own making and the PGA Tour covering for him. This Monday episode jumps right into the drama from the weekend. Andy explains why this wasn’t nearly to the level of the sandcastles Reed built at the Hero Challenge. Brendan argues that this seemed to be an M.O. for Reed, his behavior indicating that this is part of some usual decision tree for getting better lies. They react to all the condemnation, even from some of the most down-the-middle voices in the game, like the analysts at CBS. The larger point, however, is that this illustrates yet again the vast unregulated gray area that the PGA Tour now lives in and how that seems untenable with gambling now becoming such a large part of the operation. After that lengthy discussion on the rules drama, they get into the actual brilliance of Patrick Reed’s play and how lamentable it is that all of it is overshadowed. Andy has some numbers showing how lofty the company Reed keeps from a resume perspective, and how he might have more staying power than all of them.