A Saudi cloud over the PGA Tour’s best event, and the Bryson media kerfuffle

This Wednesday episode begins with Andy and Brendan lamenting all the off-course rumors and maneuvering dominating the conversation yet again at what is the best week on the PGA Tour schedule. They discuss Will Bardwell’s piece on sportswashing, Kramer Hickock blurting out some specifics, or alleged specifics, of Saudi signees and schedule, and the notion that the players also want more of the major championship pies. The two also seem to come to an unfortunate conclusion that we’re headed for a successful Saudi enterprise that will get stronger over the years. Then it’s on to the schedule for the week, where Riviera and the actual golf get its due. They cover some featured groups, some featured holes, and convey their excitement for the week ahead. News closes with a rant on the preposterous context-free coverage of Bryson’s statement denouncing “false rumors” about his playing schedule.