A thirstbucket tracks Tiger on the ground, Riviera field foibles, a LIV personality quiz

Andy and Brendan are bouncing into Friday after that exhilarating Thursday night finish at Riviera, where a new thirstbucket of the century was born. Andy relays a few notes from the ground after following the Tiger, Rory, and JT supergroup and seemingly ending up like Waldo in the background of every shot. There are some optimistic thoughts on Tiger, a few comments on playing with his “friends,” and getting the real deal product in the same week that the Netflix show has gotten so much of the attention. There are a few angry notes about Thomas Pieters not being in the field, and some scuttlebutt about who might make designated events going forward into next year. News hits on some LIV roster moves and the deliverance brought by Mean Dean Burmester. There’s an unplanned personality quiz taken on the LIV site that apparently matches you up with your team. SGS Golf Advice closes it out to get us to the weekend.