An Epic U.S. Open Recapped from the Ecco House

An all-time U.S. Open finish, one where Andy and Brendan spent the whole afternoon chasing the final two groups, demanded the beefiest of episodes. The two jump right into it, going in-depth on watching Bryson DeChambeau, Rory McIlroy, and all that Pinehurst provided both as a course and venue for this epic championship. They discuss Bryson’s incredible day, his crazy finish, his amusing quotes about trophy-sharing and chocolate milk, and his future majors ceiling. They discuss Rory’s rough finish, whether or not he choked, how he comes back from it if he even does, and if his exit could be excused. Then they empty out the rest of their notes on Pinehurst maybe affirming its status as an “anchor” site, Pat Cantlay’s actual close call, the NBC broadcast, and more. Thanks to all for your continued support of this podcast that allows us to get out on the road during these major weeks.