An Open Preview from St. Andrews: Tiger talks, firm & fiery, and a Zatch tale

Andy and Brendan record this Open preview from their dorm room overlooking the Swilken bridge, passing along notes and amusements after a couple days from the ground. They begin first with an Andy order mishap that put him on the shelf for the first day. Then it’s on to a wide-ranging course chat, mostly about the firmness, the options, how it might play and what skills might come in handy most, and some holes to keep an eye on. The course is the star as much as anyone and they relay a handful of notes both from player comments and their own walking. Then they rip through the quotable segment, pulling out details for Spieth, JT, Rory, Tiger, and Zalatoris, who all came through the media center on Tuesday. The pre-major tradition of highlighting a few favorite tee times commences, with a focus on the LIV boys being absolutely buried out of marquee group view. They close with Tiger’s comments on LIV, a lengthy and multi-faceted denunciation. News hits on the DOJ investigation into the PGA Tour as it pertains to LIV, before a sign off with a few more thoughts on The Open with one more day to go.