An SGS Golf Advice Bonanza, A preferred lies 59 at John Deere, and Euro Tour sickness

Brendan is joined by the golf sicko’s golf sicko, his former colleague and former college golfer, Kyle Robbins, for a holiday weekend off-the-rails bonanza. They begin by Brendan demanding that Kyle defend the John Deere Classic, its dartboard low scores, and the validity of Hayden Springer’s 59 there in the first round. Then they get into the state of the Euro Tour, where Beef Johnston, Ross Fisher, and other favorites are slopping around on the leaderboard. Then they draw on Kyle’s past and present as a former competitive golfer and current shit-stirrer to answer a beefy round of Golf Advice questions about a playing partner carrying a firearm in his bag for pace of play confrontations, having to use iron covers after losing your fantasy football league but then getting invited to Augusta, spouting off “radical” golf podcast opinions despite not being a golfer, and dealing with a pouty brother-in-law.