Apologies, Big boy catnip, and both letter economy and vowel eradication

This Wednesday episode begins with an apology from Brendan after a frazzled recording on Monday led to an oversight or two. Then it’s on to discussing the ongoing Korn Ferry Tour event, which can’t be watched and might be hard to find scores on given website problems at the global home. Then it’s on to the schedule of the week, which begins with an odd digression on the 2016 Abu Dhabi event. Then it’s back to Palm Springs and the AmEx, which leads to discussions on the new featured groups rollout and a Catnip Call of the Week focused on a big boy from the land of Coetzee. Michelle Wie West’s return to the Tournament of Champions is highlighted on the LPGA side, while the field and new course in Abu Dhabi is covered on the Euro or DP World side. They close with news on some provocative comments from Monty on the state of the modern game and the new list of names on the PAC.