Bermuda Brian, the fraud of “distance debate,” and The Old Course

Nothing can dampen spirits on this Victory Monday thanks to the work done by one Brian Gay, he of team Centinel Spine. Brendan and Andy rejoice in a win from an older poofer of the golf ball, and perhaps the oldest wearer of a flat bill on Tour. The spine discussion leads to an aside on the physical troubles of D.A. Points, which was painful to watch in Bermuda. Gay’s win, however, is not some evidence that there’s no distance problem in golf, but rather proof of variety borne out of a different setup and shorter course. This leads to a mini-rant from Brendan on the phrase “distance debate” and a plea to abolish the use of it. Callum Shinkwin is given his due as the Cyprus winner. On the Champions Tour, they ponder how the TimberTech Championship forced a split screen with the damn playoff on the regular PGA Tour. Is the title sponsor providing some free deck work at Sawgrass? They wrap with misgivings about their crappy football teams and praise for Joe Buck and Troy Aikman’s pointed criticisms of the Bears playcalling, with a hope for similar critiques from PGA Tour coverage.