Decoding Tiger’s WD, Détente in the USGA v. PGA Tour, and Bay Hill picks

Andy and Brendan begin this Wednesday episode with a preview of the schedule of the week and the event of the week. This leads to a diversion on the use of Champions Tour sponsor’s exemptions. Then they get to the biggest news of the week — Tiger Woods’ withdrawal from the Arnold Palmer Invitational. They attempt to piece together a timeline for what happened and why he played Mexico at all, while dodging the press the last two days there. Then we update the Justin Thomas vs. USGA contretemps with the latest statements from both the PGA Tour and USGA. It would appear there is a momentary hold on the conflict but that doesn’t stop us from reviewing some of the truly idiotic player statements positing for a separate set of PGA Tour rules. Then we narrow the ballot for Fan Vote Friday Jr. nominees before wrapping with some Masters facts of the day and Paulie’s picks for API.