DJ ends #ToddWatch, NBC takes over US Open, Phil’s trademarking

This Monday episode begins with some initial reactions to DJ’s win at the Travelers, but is promptly interrupted by some breaking news about the broadcast partner for the U.S. Open. Andy and Brendan offer some initial thoughts on that shocking change that it seems almost no one knew was coming. Then they discuss DJ outclassing Brendon Todd in the final round in Connecticut, his “lucky” break at the 15th hole hazard, and his overall legacy as a dominant player of this era. Will Gordon’s work on a sponsor’s exemption is discussed as is Bryson’s consistency in an attempt to become “the house.” Phil’s weekend fade and his trademark maneuverings are panned, mostly. News offers a Ryder Cup mini-scoop, some discussion on the evolving Tour Covid protocols, and the U.S. Open’s exemptions plan with qualifying canceled. They wrap with a debrief on the Korn Ferry Tour finish in Utah, celebrating Kyle Jones and pondering whether Daniel Summerhays will truly call it quits now.