Friday at the Ryder Cup: Is this over?

It’s Friday! And not just any Friday, but a Friday with real, actual Ryder Cup matches to dissect and delight in after a full day at Whistling Straits. Andy and Brendan, with appearances by Will Knights, react to the day from the Bixby Bus in Sheboygan. They discuss the first tee experience and whether the Wisconsin sports fans will ever recover from the lack of juice. They nominate some of their best players, worst players, biggest surprises, and others from each session on Friday. The Bryson show, the Rory sadness, the Westy angst, Finau’s force, and the Casey catastrophe are specifically called out after some up-close observations inside the ropes. They also wonder who plays for Europe on Saturday if they actually want to try and make this competitive again. This episode, along with all of the episodes from Wisconsin, are supported by Bixby Coffee, where new Shotgun Start pitcher packs are live to go with the trusty SGS blend and Westy Island blend. Also, there will be 10 percent off everything at checkout up through Saturday.