Hemisphere debates, carbon drivers, and asking the tough questions on Kapalua field

The PGA Tour is back and this Wednesday episode is a rambling discussion focused mostly on the return to golf at Kapalua, one of our favorite annual traditions on tour. Aside from Kapalua, there’s chatter on snow days, Dan Pohl’s golf course, the preferable hemisphere to live in, and taking road trips in complete silence. There is anticipation for ESPN+ joining the fray. There’s a new segment, the “catnip call of the week” and a subject is nominated there that we think you’ll be hearing about this week. There are some tough questions for Xander, Spieth, Phil, Wolff, and others. They also pick apart the term “resort golf” and ponder which player in this field will be the most obscure some 30 years from now. News hits on the breathless reaction to new driver releases, and a bucket of more Saudi commits.