How we define “choking” in golf, Akshay for Pres Cup, and Backboarding peaks

It is a first of the month recording for the Shotgun Start, which means extra pep and enthusiasm. Brendan is joined by Joseph LaMagna to discuss the Rocket Mortgage Classic, specifically what “hypnotherapy” is and why it is working for the winner in Detroit. They also discuss how this could be the blueprint for a PG-B Tour event with its nice field mix and good Sunday leaderboard from it. They discuss Cam Young’s rough Sunday, snapping his driver, and the discourse around him being unable to win. They also hit on Akshay’s three-putt to lose and his current positioning for the Presidents Cup alongside many others outside the auto-qualifying spots. The odd finish on the DP World Tour is cause for a separate chat on what it means to be “choking” in golf, but that’s after they discuss what may be the greatest backboarding moment of all time, one so bad it’s good. The U.S. Senior Open will bring us Blandemonium Monday, which is a thing after producer PJ jumps in with his notes on the weekend in Newport. News hits on Nelly having to WD with a dog bite and Chambers Bay entertaining the idea of hosting a LIV event with the USGA perhaps leaving them out in the cold.