Is Mickelson canceled, fleeing Westy Island, and Bryson’s hamate bone

This Wednesday episode begins with troubled times on Westy Island, where things may need to be on an official pause due to some disconcerting Twitter activity. Then it’s on to the cancellation, or purported cancellation, of Phil Mickelson, most recently out of the Masters, where he’s played for almost 30 consecutive years. Andy and Brendan discuss Phil’s forgotten betrayal that keeps getting lost in all the shouting about political correctness and cancellations, with an unexpected comp to the movie The Rock. The shhhedule for the week begins with the WGC Match Play, with some praise and critiques for the current format and schedule. There’s a breakdown of pools where beef and tension could bubble to the surface, and reaction to the Thicc Boi staying in the field with his broken hamate and torn labrum. News closes with the announcement that Oakland Hills will be firmly back hosting a bevy of USGA championships for the next 30 years.