Is the Town Crier required to make an Urban proclamation?

This Wednesday episode begins with an apology about the missing Monday episode and some ample clean-up from the weekend on Sam Burns, the Dunhill, Celine Boutier, and a Swedish killer. There’s also a digression on whether the Town Crier has to make an announcement and declaration about the town fool in NE Florida. Then Andy and Brendan are on to the schedule of the week, which leads to Martin Laird appreciation and a couple unrelated stories about their scant few visits to Las Vegas. They ponder if every Champions Tour event should just be a guy and his friends, like this week’s “Furyk and Friends” in Jacksonville. The LPGA event earns event of the week honors but one move that does not earn praise is the big news that the Dinah Shore will be relocating to Texas in the coming years. They discuss this at length in the news segment, which also features a chat on the newly announced Bryson-Brooks Match V at the Wynn in Vegas.