It’s 2023! Here’s an extremely not comprehensive season preview

It’s a new year at the Shotgun Start, and Andy and Brendan immediately begin with questions about names: who’s coming up with all these dramatic weather names and who’s naming some of these new drivers? They have lots of energy and are excited to be out from under the Year in Review. The fake vs. real Scott Stallings wins both the year’s first catnip and thirstbucket of the week. There’s also a first-of-the-year check-in on the happenings at Panther National, with great amusement in a certain framing of the project. Then it’s on to the schedule for the week, which is just one event, the Tournament of Mostly Champions at Kapalua. Andy is over the moon about a sponsor-less Cantlay and thinks it means big things for him in 2023, which leads to a bigger take on elite players chasing equipment money. There’s also chatter about who will be Mr. Irrelevant from this year’s field and which players in the top 10 right now might tumble this year. It’s a fascinating, if not maddening, exercise to get us rolling into 2023.
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