Jay’s State of the Tour address, Contender/Pretender Leaderboards and Scandinavian diplomacy

This Wednesday episode begins with a commitment to be, like the PGA Tour, “laser-focused” on the Tour Championship. But Brendan and Andy are quickly derailed with several submissions on Scandinavian relations following the Sunday chat on Viktor Hovland exiting the Swedish Pancake Zone. Then they get to the matters at hand in Atlanta, from the challenge of overcoming a staggered start to the sweaty conditions. They make picks for the week, run through the schedule for the week, and announce the event of the week. Then there’s a lengthy review of Jay Monahan’s press conference, from his comments on Maui to the Framework Agreement and a “positive outcome” for the PGA Tour. Is the Saudi PIF included in this outcome? News hits on JT committing to play the Fortnite Championship and the No.1 fairway wood as reviewed by the unbiased My Golf Spy.