Live from the B. Draddy Bungalow: It’s all about the grass

Four horsemen ride in this special bonus Thursday episode at the B. Draddy house in Monterey. Andy and Brendan are joined by Billy Draddy for his usual pre-major championship visit and Josh Lewis, Golf Course Superintendent at Sharon Heights G&CC and formerly of Bandon Dunes, Chambers Bay, and Pasatiempo. Josh was the super for a past U.S. Open venue but also on the grounds at Pebble Beach the last two days and provides fabulous insight into how the course is looking as the championship begins. The potential for syringing this week also gets a thorough breakdown from an expert. Josh speaks to the advantages and possible trouble spots of conditioning a course in this region, working with the USGA, how Pebble might play, and if there’s any chance it could get away from them and how that might happen (it won’t). Billy Draddy joins to discuss layering in the micro-climates of Pebble Beach, some scripting mishaps, and if Pebble is the quintessential U.S. Open venue. The panel also covers their favorite holes at Pebble, the USGA press conference from Wednesday, some winning score predictions based on the course conditioning intel, and the tee times they’re watching early in the championship.