PGA Preview: Tiger feeling it, Rory’s drought, and the cost of one’s thirst

It’s another major week, and one that has both Brendan and Andy buzzing thanks to a great venue with a host of player storylines that could come to fruition. But first, an Alex Cejka chat. Then they get to Tiger, who was in full form at his press conference and looks like he’s feeling himself and physically much improved. Justin Thomas taking up pitchforks with the fans about beer prices is also addressed, as well as his chances to win and whether it’s time to put up or shut up at the majors. There’s the usual pre-major segment on favorite tee times, and some not-so-favorite groups. Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, and Scottie Scheffler’s chances are all also discussed, before some picks are made. The LIV chatter is also covered, from the PGA’s updated stance via Seth Waugh to Rickie’s surprising moment of candidness that created some news and if it means anything for the marketing darling.