Phil returns, LIV’s got team names, logos, and a crooked draft

An episode trying to cover and make sense of the absolute firehose of absurdity that hit all of us on Tuesday. It begins with frustration that the firehose buried what should have been gnarly metaverse Jack Nicklaus’s moment. Nevertheless, Andy and Brendan proceed on, reacting, with great amusement, to the names, logos, and eventual draft of teams for LIV Golf’s first event. They discuss how the PGA Tour had this coming, and how the resigning membership maneuver may mitigate the Tour’s biggest weapon. The talking points got plenty of use, and Graeme McDowell’s missteps are dissected, as well as the notion that shotgun starts are “fairer” — which leads to a humorous scoop about the range set up. Phil Mickelson’s return to golf, which feels like old news, is addressed, as is his attire and look. Tiger’s WD from the U.S. Open, as well as some sectional qualifier stories, are also discussed.