Phil wants his rights, Westy’s got an NDA, and the Saudi League’s still all smoke

It’s a punchy Friday episode with an extensive discussion on, what else, the latest rumblings from Saudi Arabia, the new home of golf. But first, there must be critical 18-hole updates on Pebble Beach, the DP World Tour, LPGA, and KFT. The Pebble chatter hits on Tommy Tables, some more cameras at MPCC, and some names at the bottom of the board. There’s also an equipment #scoop and some intel on Ryuji Imada as a follow-up to that discussion on Wednesday. After barely getting through an ad read for a new sponsor, Andy and Brendan then go long on l’affaire Saudi — from Phil’s anger, the reported sums of cash for Bryson and others, and what in the hell this thing could look like if it gets off the ground.