Pilgrim Rick, Nicklaus knockout, and the new PGA Tour schedule

This Friday episode begins by answering and discussing a few messages from listeners. What happens if Jack Nicklaus’ putter toss knocked out Doug Sanders? Did Brooksy expose the fan advantage during a recent interview and bolster Andy’s “no fans” idea even more? What bridge at Augusta will be “Woods bridge?” And can we expect any unique activations for a November Masters? Then, in the second half of the podcast, we discuss in detail the new schedule announcement from the PGA Tour. We wish the Tour the best of luck, view it with optimistic glasses, and celebrate some of the more amusing quirks and things we like from the schedule. Could it be a dream scenario for the Tour that the FedExCup is truly the one and only “Ultimate Prize” now for this season? Then we discuss a few of the obvious hurdles, some frustrating quotes about “independent contractors” from Tour reps, and what will have to take place for this to be pulled off.