PIP Paranoia and a 2022 Prospectus

The Shotgun Start is off and running in 2022 with this Monday episode. Andy and Brendan review some of their New Year’s weekend exploits, and ponder whether the Courier Cup is a better postseason format than the recently maligned CFP. Then they jump into news, which is mostly a discussion about the PIP confusion provoked by Phil Mickelson’s tweets and conflicting reports last week. Then they jump into a wide-ranging chat on 2022 — there was no plan for predictions, because guessing major winners in January is silly, but Andy does go on record doling out a major to a certain Northern Irishman before the segment is over. Other things discussed are the major venues, Lexi going side saddle, a Bryson regression, Tiger thoughts, some potential Pres Cuppers making a leap, and the Billy Ho award for SGS breakout star.