Saturday at the U.S. Open: Rotisserie chicken, still bad. Torrey Pines, still constipated.

This loopy Saturday episode is energized by the third round finish at Torrey Pines. Granted, there wasn’t much movement, as defined, but there was some action. Andy and Brendan debate whether they would trust Louis or Rory more on Sunday if they both made the turn in the lead. They address Mackenzie Hughes’ comments that this is basically playing like the Farmers for him. Thicc Boi’s inability to yell fore, and his revelatory comments that you simply do not need to hit fairways to win majors anymore, are discussed. Rory’s sandwich preference for the week, which includes rotisserie chicken, opens up an old debate and another shouting match about poultry. Also on Rory, the broadcast putting a camera on his hotel balcony is panned as an invasion of privacy. They go through the leaderboard and play Contender/Pretender, which is just another way to illustrate that Torrey has made it impossible to blow up or really go low. There’s an analogy about constipation made on this.