Scheffler “crime scene” video, Blockie meets Andy, and SGS Golf Advice

It’s Friday! And heading into a holiday weekend no less! Andy and Brendan are bubbly due to the circumstances. They’re also eager to talk about Andy’s big day with Blockie and his experience playing in the Colonial Pro-Am. There are some amusing details from the day, like his movements in player dining with big Jay nearby, an encounter with the Town Crier himself, and his time on the course with The Showman. Then they get to the news of Louisville releasing the video footage they have of the Scottie Scheffler arrest and incident, and some of the misguided coverage around it. They hit on the women’s NCAA finals, U.S. Open qualifying names who got through this week, a new LIV venue in the USA, and a Senior PGA game within the game. They close it out with an SGS Golf Advice on a curious range encounter with none other than Omar Uresti his ownself.