Snake pits and overcooked storyline cliches, and also Henrik Stenson

If you need gambling advice for the Valspar Championship, this is the show for you. Andy and Brendan spend one whole minute offering their one and done picks for Tampa. Around that, however, is chatter about brackets, generally, the sponsor exemptions in Tampa, the story of Luke Guthrie, proud Illinois product, and the whether the designer of Copperhead, Larry Packard, is related to Hewlett Packard. This devolves into a discussion on printers and the scam of ink replacement. Also included in this episode is the Elijah Craig Masters Fact of the Day, which leads to a chat on the rental car situation for the upcoming Masters trip. News closes with Henrik Stenson as the new Euro skipper for the Ryder Cup and what that means, if anything, for the Saudi league.