Spencer Hall joins on Brooks vs. Bryson, shorts vs. pants, and Bjorn vs. his temper

This Friday episode features a most special guest host in Spencer Hall of EDSBS and Shutdown Fullcast infamy. Is golf Spencer’s forte or area of interest? Absolutely not, but he’s as brilliant as they come and fits in well for a ramble on the heat, playing golf in pants, puka shell necklaces, his experiences covering golf up close, the current headline-making golf beef, his favorite college football beefs that became spectacles as Bryson vs. Brooks threatens to, and a quarterback he would have loved to see in these celebrity matches. A segment on current results devolves into his impressions of Fort Worth, Tulsa, and Denmark. Precision Pro Flashback Friday is appropriately on the godfather of Danish Golf, Thomas Bjorn, and his reputed volcanic temper, one that cost him two shots and a claret jug. Thanks to Spencer, an absolute internet and content-making idol of ours, for taking time to join us — if you don’t already, subscribe to the Shutdown Fullcast here.