#TainWatch, Rough videos return, and games within the game

This Friday episode opens with a discussion on the proliferation of craft burger places, as well as the amusement over the animated Andy that appeared in the big Golf Digest article featuring him. Then they get to the Palmetto Championship, where Brendan’s one-and-done pick, Monday qualifier Tain Lee, is on absolute fire. They discuss, with moderate confusion, the Pomona colleges where he went and put all Shotgunners officially on #TainWatch for the rest of the week. Andy scours the bottom of the leaderboard with disgust, highlighting the bushels of players that should have been bounced for KFT talents. There are also some reports from the ground about the excellent conditioning. News hits on our first social media video of the rough at Torrey Pines, which leads to a proposal that all OEMs be banned from event grounds. Precision Pro Flashback Friday takes you down the path of a South Carolina resident that holds an impressive (or ignominious based on your point of view) record that Westy may match next week.