The Akshay ascendancy, YAAAAS winds, and FBF returns

This Friday episode begins with some tales of Andy’s travels behind enemy lines at the end of this week. Then it’s on to the one result we already have in the bank, Akshay Bhatia’s victory on the KFT. Brendan and Andy discuss Bhatia’s path, why it made sense, and how we could see much more of it coming down the pike. On the DP World Tour, they praise the windy conditions and wild humps and bumps of the YASSSSS links. The AmEx discussion gets into Patrick Cantlay, and whether he’s at the level where only work at the majors is what’s left when it comes to amplifying his status in the game. The Senior Tour chatter ponders the “clean living spectrum” and why there’s ROY award. They close with multiple Precision Pro Flashback Fridays, first on the origin story of the Bob Hope Classic, and second, on the catnip of Casey Martin’s first PGA Tour event as a member.