The Asswagon breaks down and Kevin Clark of The Ringer joins to talk Bears-Browns

This Wednesday episode begins with some sad news about an SGS favorite getting sold for parts. Then Andy and Brendan offer some Ryder Cup clean-up with one more thought about how this could go for the next several years. The schedule for the week starts with a favorite here, the Chicken/Peacock/Sanderson Farms Championship in Jackson, Mississippi. Notables features a husky quartet and Andy tries to diminish the entire event’s existence. The Dunhill and LPGA are also covered and praised during the schedule for the week segment. But neither earn event of the week honors, which go to the two U.S. Mid Amateurs, where SGS has some rooting interests. The second half of the episode is a chat with one of the podcast’s few returning guests, Kevin Clark of The Ringer. Kevin offers some reactions to the Ryder Cup, including his own personal history with the event, before they transition into a hard discussion about the leadership group of Andy’s beloved Bears. They discuss if an analog to the Manningcast could work in golf, and make some other ridiculous football-golf comps. Thanks to Kevin for his time.