The Butterfield Boys, Mid-Am Minute, and Plaque Patrol

This Wednesday episode begins with a question that seemed unfathomable two months ago: are the Bears better than the Packers? Then an unplanned segment, the Mid-Am Minute, takes place, with the microscope on an event overseas during a time when maybe it’s never been better to be a Mid-Am. The Butterfield field is discussed, from the favorites to the press conference invitees to the unknowns. Brendan has questions about a completely indiscriminate plaque at the host venue, and there’s excitement over the weather forecast. News hits on the great Champions Tour schedule release day, with 2023 loaded up with 28 events, 66 million in prizes, and the return of an event in Morocco. In contrast to that Champs Tour superfluity is the last segment on an article reporting some potential changes to PGA Tour University and the attempts (or half measures) to fast track more young stars to the Tour that could be susceptible to LIV poaching.