The pros get mad about “selfish” USGA rollback, LIV vs. NCAA tourney, and SGS Golf Advice

As a precaution, this Friday episode was recorded just before the Illinois NCAA tournament game. Andy and Brendan jump into the early tourney action delivering as always, and wonder what the hell LIV is doing scheduling its event opposite that. They also lament the peripheral and buried Phil Mickelson not really having a stage, or a relevant one, to offer comment on the ball rollback. Someone who does have a stage is Justin Thomas, and they go through his “rant” in Tampa about the selfish USGA, anti-athlete rollback, and the potential for them “doing their own thing.” Peter Kostis’s insane solution to have exploding drivers is also reviewed. A hearty SGS Golf Advice closes it out, with listener notes on a club championship scoring disaster, a miserable customer golf experience, and balancing expectations to play well and steady on an expensive/great course.