The Rangefinder Championship, Pebble’s weak field, and the Popov rule

This Wednesday episode begins with some chatter about the peculiar habit of local news consumption in the year 2021. Then Brendan and Andy dive into the breaking Tuesday news that the PGA Championship, Women’s PGA, and Stand-up Mixer PGA will permit the use of distance measuring devices starting THIS year. They debate whether this is the erosion of yet another skill, an area that was already properly bifurcated, and dispel with the cover justification that this is a pace-of-play nostrum. Then they get to the schedule for the week, which is light and simply the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Despite its lack of competition on the event side, the field is the weakest its ever been and Andy wonders how that might sit with its telecom giant sponsor, which backs two events now struggling to attract primo fields. They discuss the Saudi impact on two West Coast swing events and also cover this modern pro’s ability to play for huge sums every week without having to glad-hand potential sponsors at a Pro-Am like this. In news, they hit on a trio of LPGA subjects, like the new Popov rule, a new title sponsor doubling a purse, and Annika coming back for an event after she played as a celebrity in another one a few weeks ago.