The shovel show, Royal Melbourne shines, and Bryson’s day off

Brendan returns from a lengthy paternity stint to talk the antics of Patrick “The Shovel” Reed. He’s met with a Bixby-fueled Andy who is over the moon with Royal Melbourne. They first take on the continued Reed fiasco, who added fuel to a story that his teammates all vouched was “in the past.” They relay some details and the chants from the alleged Aussie provokers of the Shovel mimicry, who also happen to be listeners. Then they get into the exquisite show that is Tiger Woods taking on Royal Melbourne, praising both Tiger’s play and the test that brings out his superior talent. Andy describes just what makes watching the best play this course so fun and how the Internationals appear to be out-strategizing and out-smarting the U.S. side with their approach to RM. They wrap with some thoughts on the pairings for Saturday morning’s session, which leaves Bryson on the bench again. This leads to a pondering of just what he did during his time off on day 2 before a final sign-off with predictions for what’s to come this weekend.