“This one’s for you, Workday!”

A smiling Brendan and Andy hop on the horn and chat about all things Match 2 in what was a great day for golf in the spotlight. They review the all four players, the broadcast, Medalist, and the prospects for more of these in the future. How did this capture such a wide swath of the sports world’s attention and have what seemed to be a unanimous approval rating? Tom Brady’s struggles are explored with great depth and revelry. They debate his worst shot and also marvel at his hole-out birdie in the midst of what seemed to be his worst stretch. Andy argues Tiger’s play wasn’t as good as the breathless reactions on Twitter and elsewhere were making it out to be. There’s also an argument made that Peyton outplayed Phil through the front nine. Justin Thomas’s work is praised as well as Charles Barkley’s and they ponder what this should mean, if anything, for the traditional broadcast. Does the success of this Match give the PGL any newfound juice and appeal as some sort of stripped down professional product? They close with a apologies about the hats and promise more coming soon.