Thursday at the U.S. Open: Torrey, Telecasts, and Richard Bland

This episode is a quick reaction to day one at the U.S. Open, with only one mic turned on for it. Brendan and Andy jump into what felt like an uneven day, often boring and frustrating but sprinkled with bursts of intrigue. Did anything happen that changed their notions of how this would be before Thursday’s action? Brendan compares it to a big time neutral site college football game. They discuss the 13th hole and the valley that gobbled up Bryson’s ball in a sand-filled divot. There’s a debate about other major venues whose entire identities are more or less wrapped up in one historic moment. There are some harsh words on the telecast making it feel like a regular season event. The lack of hangliders, prevalence of planes, and potential plaque impacts are also covered. Rory’s round is hailed, as is Brooksy’s opening salvo. And of course, Dick Bland’s chances are re-assessed, as is his Coetzee Zone candidacy.