Tiger talks, Bryson oils up, and the Asian Tour pokes the bear

This late Monday episode was planned as another installment of the Year in Review, but Andy and Brendan could not shut up about some of the recent developments in the world of golf. So they begin with a few comments on Thanksgiving weekend before transitioning to reactions on The Match V. Is hard work never really sleeping with Bryson? They discuss Phil’s work on the mic, and why Brooksy was always a natural for this kind of deal. Then it’s on to Tiger’s first interview since his car accident. They discuss Tiger as a golf guru for Charlie, the joy of just seeing him make an appearance, questions they wish were asked, and the unnecessary timetable guesswork that’s happening. Also, what his statement about not playing the Tour full time anymore might mean for that organization — speaking of, the Asian Tour lobbed a salvo with the announcement of a lengthy commitment list for the Saudi International next year. Can the Tour do anything to respond and is this list just going to keep growing? Back with more Year in Review Part 3 later this week!